14 september: spaghetti

Peter Guidi was born on september 14th. So it is time to celebrate his life and music. In normal times, we would like to invite you to eat a spaghetti-dinner with us, and have a jamsession. Alas. Hopefully next year…
Instead, we’d like to invite you to cook spaghetti yourself and send us a picture!

The best pictures will be published on this page.

The sender of the best picture will receive a copy of the marvelous and moving book “In his own Write”. Peter started to write down his memories and stories a few years ago. 
Ofcourse, you can order you copy in our shop, ofcourse.

2 gedachten aan “14 september: spaghetti”

  1. Dear Friends:
    We would very much like to review Peter’s book at International Flute Journal (www.flutejournal.com) where we have 35,000 readers per month.
    Would you be kind enough to send us a review copy.
    Best wishes
    Peter Westbrook, Ph.D.
    Editor: http://www.flutejournal.com
    Founding chair, World Music
    National Flute Association, USA
    Author: The Flute in Jazz
    61, Lindens
    Skelmersdale, WN8 6TJ
    United Kingdom
    (44)1695 724 034 (office)
    (44) 7443 410 975 (mobile)

  2. Dear Peter
    Thank you for your message, a book is on it’s way to you!
    All the best
    Jantine Swagerman

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